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Chrome 59 w/TurboFan is Sometimes Slower than 58

We recently upgraded our version of headless Chrome from 58 to 59 hoping for a 30% across-the-board reduction in CPU usage, but it wasn't so. This (contrived) benchmark shows a 38% decrease in performance for a React app rendering 100,000 divs.

chrome 58chrome 59
prerender.cloud (this site)45ms34ms32% faster
create-react-app 100,000 hello-world divs434ms600ms38% slower

Testing notes

  • Actual test: ReactDOMServer.renderToString(<MyReactApp />)
  • 2.5GHz Core-i7 MacBook Pro
  • Chrome Headless versions 58.0.3028.2 and 59.0.3039.2
  • took the average of 20-runs