How do I know if my page was pre-rendered by

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View the source of the page, and at the very bottom you should see a timestamp:

</body><!-- processed at: 2017-05-25T03:36:10.649Z --></html>

If you've passed the "prerender-meta-only" HTTP header, then that HTML comment will be right before the closing </head> tag.

Why isn't Facebook seeing my Open Graph tags?#

This is the most common issue, and it's due to the og:url meta tag.

<meta property="og:url" content="">

If you have an og:url meta tag on your page, with the content attr set to, then Facebook will consider that ( as the canonical URL and check that instead.

If you have a staging and production environment for your site, AND you have an og:url meta tag, chances are, your og:url is pointing at your production site (which when you're first getting started, may not have configured)

You can just remove the og:url tag. If you think you need it, just make sure it's pointing to the URL that is configured for.

How do I clear cache if I've updated my open graph images#

Simplest solution: append a query parameter that you canincrement to the og:image tag, e.g.

# bump v=1 to v=2, v=3, etc. when you update
<meta property="og:image" content="" />

Some services have endpoints for this, Google around to find them, for example:

  1. Twitter: pasting a URL here will clear Twitter's open graph cache for it
  2. Telegram: send the URL to @webpagebot

How can I use JavaScript to control the HTTP status code?# will look for a meta tag with the name attr set to prerender-status-code and it will use the status code in the content attr, for example:

<meta name="prerender-status-code" content="404">

The only 2 useful status codes here are 404, and 301. If you use 301, there must be a 2nd meta tag for the location header.

<meta name="prerender-status-code" content="301">
<meta name="prerender-header" content="Location:">

What if I want to avoid rendering certain content? (like authentication)#

use window.prerenderCloudIsServerSideRendering

if (window.prerenderCloudIsServerSideRendering) {
  auth0 = new FakeAuth0();
} else {
  auth0 = new Auth0Lock(clientId, domain, options);

Will my ads and analytics be hit during the prerender?#

We block google-analytics from processing, and some well known ad-networks. Send us the URLs of analytics or ad-networks you'd like us block.

Canceling account# is not a subscription, you're only paying for it when you're making API requests. So if you want to stop paying, just stop using it. Credit cards saved with will be auto deleted after 45 days of no activity.

Since we bill for prior 30 days usage, and you stop using your account the middle of a billing cycle, you'll still get one last bill for whatever you used during the first part of the month.

If you don't want to wait for the full cycle to complete before receiving your final bill, just email and we'll bill you immediately and remove your account from the system. However, if you still have a headless-render-api integration installed/configured on your webserver, it may start throwing errors - so you must remove this.