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Audit Meta Tags with Headless Chrome

Finding good SEO tools on Google is like finding non-lemon cars at a used-car dealership in an old strip mall.

There are lots of expensive SEO products selling information on backlinks and keywords, but there are few working solutions for just building a CSV or spreadsheet of path/title/h1/meta tags for a given website.

Writing a script yourself, however, is not hard. Here's the end result:

spreadsheet SEO audit

I used a fancy library which uses Puppeteer which uses Headless Chrome. It includes a crawler that obeys robots.txt and can interpret sitemaps.

  1. Create a new directory for this project
  2. touch index.js
  3. $ yarn add headless-chrome-crawler
    • Note: When you install Puppeteer, it downloads a recent version of Chromium (~170Mb Mac, ~282Mb Linux, ~280Mb Win) that is guaranteed to work with the API.
  4. Copy/paste the following code into index.js
  5. You only need to set the SCRAPE_URL.
  6. run it: node index.js
const SCRAPE_URL = "https://www.example.com/";
const MAX_DEPTH = 5; // depth of the followed links
const FILE = "./result.csv";

const url = require("url");
const HCCrawler = require("headless-chrome-crawler");
const CSVExporter = require("headless-chrome-crawler/exporter/csv");
const exporter = new CSVExporter({
  file: FILE,
  fields: [

(async () => {
  const crawler = await HCCrawler.launch({
    // Function to be evaluated in browsers
    evaluatePage: () => {
      const firstAndTrimText = el =>
        el &&
        el.text() &&
          .replace(/\s+/g, " ");

      const firstAndTrimContent = el =>
        el &&
        el.attr("content") &&

      return {
        path: window.location.href
          .replace(window.location.host, "")
          .replace(/https?:\/\//, ""),
        title: firstAndTrimText($("title")),
        h1: firstAndTrimText($("h1")),
        metaDescription: firstAndTrimContent($("meta[name='description']")),
        ogTitle: firstAndTrimContent($("meta[property='og:title']")),
        ogDescription: firstAndTrimContent(
        ogImage: firstAndTrimContent($("meta[property='og:image']"))

    maxConcurrency: 1,
    onSuccess: result => {
    onError: err => {
  // Queue a request
  await crawler.queue({
    url: SCRAPE_URL,
    maxDepth: MAX_DEPTH,
    allowedDomains: [url.parse(SCRAPE_URL).host],
    skipDuplicates: true

  await crawler.onIdle(); // Resolved when no queue is left
  await crawler.close(); // Close the crawler

Now you have result.csv which can be imported into most spreadsheet software.